Task Modification and Knowledge Utilization by Korean Prospective Mathematics Teachers
Kyeong-Hwa Lee 1 * , Eun-Jung Lee 1, Min-Sun Park 1
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1 Seoul National University, Korea
* Corresponding Author


It has been asserted that mathematical tasks play a critical role in the teaching and learning of mathematics. Modification of tasks included in intended curriculum materials, such as textbooks, can be an effective activity for prospective teachers to understand the role of mathematical tasks in the teaching and learning of mathematics; designing of new tasks requires more knowledge and experience. This study aims to identify the patterns that Korean prospective mathematics teachers seem to follow when they modify the mathematical tasks in textbooks. Knowledge utilized by prospective teachers while they modify textbook tasks is identified and characterized in order to understand the possible factors that have an impact on Korean prospective mathematics teachers' modification of tasks.


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PEDAGOGICAL RES, 2016 - Volume 1 Issue 2, Article No: 54

Publication date: 21 Nov 2016

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