Development of algebrameter for remediating junior secondary school students’ learning difficulties in mathematics
Sunday Ogbu 1 * , Anulika Mary Okeke 1 , Georgina Nkechi Abugu 1 , Eucharia Ifeoma Emeji 1
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1 Department of Science Education, Faculty of Education, University of Nigeria Nsukka, Nsukka, NIGERIA* Corresponding Author


The purpose of the study was to develop mathematical instructional card game titled algebrameter and determine its efficacy in remediating junior secondary school (JSS) students’ learning difficulties in algebra and geometry. The study employed research and development design. A sample of 120 JSS II students drawn from a population of 4800 JSS II students in Nsukka Education Zone, using multi-stage sampling procedure participated in the study. Algebra and geometry achievement test (AGAT) comprised 30 multiple choice questions developed by the researchers was used for data collection. The internal consistence of AGAT was determined using Kuder-Richardson formula 20 (KR-20) formula, which yielded α value of 0.82. Research questions were answered using mean and standard deviation while the hypothesis was tested using analysis of covariance. The results of this study revealed that students who were exposed to algebrameter significantly performed better than students who were not exposed to algebrameter package.


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PEDAGOGICAL RES, Volume 8, Issue 4, October 2023, Article No: em0165

Online publication date: 07 Jun 2023

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